“Empathy, courage, innovative power and political sensitivity are key factors in change processes.”

Tobias loves to innovate. He is a corporate pioneer. How the digital world is influencing the way we lead ourselfes, our companies and our people is what he is interested in. “Do epic shit” is what drives him. He enjoys life and keeps experiences fun – in private and in business. Challenging his comfort zone everyday is part of his game.

“Change starts at that little hidden spots, where systems and organizations start to vibrate.”

He has more than 15 years of experience in various communication and HR functions. The Leadership Expert and Thought Leader joined Daimler AG in 2009. In the last few years, he has intensified the management of interdisciplinary agile projects.
As a leader by heart and Executive Coach he understands the demands, challenges and chances for leaders and organizations in a fast changing and interconected world.
“Change the game” is the motto under which Tobias and his team are supporting Daimler AG in reinventing its leadership and corporate culture.

“You have to understand what is to discover what can be.”

The communication nerd is a well-know moderator and keynote speaker. To touch and fascinate people is his purpose.